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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Messages are immutable.... or are they??

David & I wrote a BizTalk exam plus InfoPath exam simulator for TechEd 2005 in Orlando and travelled over in June to have some fun and get some sun . The exam consisted of 25 or so pretty hard questions on real world BizTalk stuff (150 took the exam and I think approx. 10 passed!). One of these questions was based on whether or not messages could be changed. ie: whether they are immutable.

As far as orchestrations are concerned, we know that if you want to change a message, you have to clone it first and then make your ammendment. But how does it work with the rules engine? If you pass in a message to the rules engine and use some Set operations to update the message, when the message is returned to the orcehstration, the message has miracoulously been updated. Therefore, messages are immutable except for when you use the Rules Engine right?

Lee Graber sat the exam (and passed by the way, although he didn't come first!). After the exam we had a chat about the message behaviour with the rules engine and he was adamant that messages are always immutable, so we had a play around and he showed us that he was in fact right, the Rules engine automatically performs the same operation by cloning the message and passing back a copy of the message with the values updated. This was easy to check by looking at the MessageId of the before and after message to confirm that it had in fact changed.

This raises some interesting questions:

  • What happens with .NET short-term facts? Are these cloned or just referenced as you would expect?
  • Does the cloning only occur when you use the 'set' operations or are messages always cloned when you use the call rules shape?
  • What happens if you use .NET messages rather than XML messages?
  • What is the performance penalty associated with a set operation on an XML message?
  • Is it more performant to pass in a .NET fact to catch the set operations
  • Is the same behaviour experienced with calling the Rules Engine from the API?
If I ever get some time off from my day job, I'll have a look into these and post part 2...


Anonymous Grego said...

Nice post. I've noticed a couple of months ago that my message context disappeared after passing the message to the BRE but never investigated this further.

11:00 AM

Anonymous Charles Young said...

This is an area of some controversy in MS BRE. The real issue is the 'side effects' feature. In MS BRL, the 'sideeffects' flag is set on individual terms at the condition and action level. You don't get the opportunity to control this flag in the Rules Composer - you have to edit BRL directly. the flag controls a simple cache mechanism implemented as part of an undocumented class called WorkingMemoryElement. WMEs are an important concept in Rete engines like BRE. If 'sideeffects' is true, the cache is not used, and BRE always evaluates members of the .NET object directly. If 'false', the cache is populated the first time a .NET object member is evaluated, and used thereafter.

The default approach taken by the Rules Composer is to switch side effects on in conditions when using .NET and off when using XML documents. Switching side effects off is always more optimal. The default approach of switching them on for .NET objects is quite controversial as it effectively allows facts operate directly on other facts, and allows external systems to operate on facts whilst those facts are asserted to the engine. A 'pure' approach would always guard the immutability of fact values. I presume that Microsoft adopted the 'impure' approach as the default for .NET objects, because it allows developers to more easily exploit OO techniques in conjunction with rules processing. Certainly, it can help simplify rule design. However, it also carries some obvious dangers.

When I was looking at this a few month back, it seemed that the sideeffects flag is ignored in conditions for terms bound to XML elements/attributes. The cache is always used. If this is correct, it probably applies to dataset-bound terms as well. Also, I have a suspicion that the flag is ignored when used in actions, but I need to check this out.

Note that each time a fact is re-asserted or updated, the cache is effectively dropped (in reality, the existing WMEs are retracted, and new WMEs asserted), and the latest versions of values in the fact will be used. This happens regardless of the sideffects flag setting.

This behaviour is built into the engine, and is not connected with the Call Rules Shape. It is therefore certainly what happens when using the API. It is possible that .NET messages are cloned before being handed off as facts to the rules engine via the Call Rules shape. I can't say for certain that what happens, though I doubt this is the case. Further research needed!

12:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you guys have the "test" available somewhere? I would love to take a crack at it.

Keerthi Hiremath

4:34 PM

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